Suddenly Sexy

All of a sudden Cam is looking tauntingly sexy. Is it his new overgrown Robert Pattinson hair-do? Possibly it’s his recent love affair with plaid? No, he’s definitely more frequently been hitting the gym. That must be it. Or is it? This familiar phenomenon is so commonly misdiagnosed it amazes me. Time and again guys seem to become “suddenly sexier” without any known cause, and girls obliviously flock to their flirtatious delight. What is this magic love spell these guys have secretly acquired? Ironically, this secret babe magnet is the sudden existence of a girlfriend. 

There’s something so sexy about a guy who has a girlfriend, and that something is a tale as old as time: you want what you can’t have. That guy in your Psych class that sits next to you every Tuesday and Thursday immediately becomes interesting when he mentions that he was in Toronto over the weekend visiting his girlfriend. 

So what is it about guys with girlfriends? Why are girls so attracted to property that’s off the market? 

A guy with a girlfriend can be explained like real estate. It’s like the difference between a house without a pool and a house with a pool, or a beautiful house in a miserable neighbourhood or a quality home in a gated community. The value increases. There must be something valuable about him that enabled him to get a girl to want to have sex with him on a regular basis and publicly flaunt her affection for him. Before he was just an empty lot of land, but now he’s a mansion in downtown Oakville. “If another girl wants to have sex with him, there must be something special about him (aka I should want to have sex with him too)”.

Further, girls are all about competition. Every day we spend too much time picking out cute outfits and perfecting our freshly cut bangs just so that we look better than the next girl. Finding out your friendly classmate has a girlfriend is like an invitation to a boxing match: “well, I bet I’m better than her”. And so begins the sudden infatuation and trivial desire to win over his affection. 

Lastly, like mentioned above, it’s human nature to want what you can’t have. That’s why limited merchandise is so appealing. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. You never once visited that corner boutique until you heard it was closing next week. We’re a species that loves taking things for granted that are seemingly abundant and eternal, and treasuring anything that is at all a rarity. 

Now I’m not promoting home-wrecking in the least. Just trying to provide some insight into why your best guy friend, that you never thought twice about, keeps appearing naked in your daydreams. 

So next time you’re crushing hard, make sure it’s a quality home and not just a shack with a pool.


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